суббота, 23 августа 2014 г.

Hello everyone!

This is a report about e-sports betting site Datbet.net and their scam.

I wasted 8 months of my life on these scammers and they stole everything in the end.

I'll try to tell the full story from registration to scam.

I think e-sports are much more predictable than regular sports and this is a good way to make some money. I used Pinnacle Sports for bets before and i confirm this website is the best for every type of bets. But their offers for e-sports was not the best and i started searching bookmakers specializing in e-sports.
I found datbet.net, esportsventure.com and egamingbets.com
Egamingbets looked suspicious to me, i did not even register there.
Esportsventure was ok, but they are dead now and they are not scammers so i won't tell you about betting there, you can read it in google:) i succesfully made some bets there and made full withdrawal.

Datbet looked best for me - good odds, good offer, 100 EUR per bet limits - all was ok. I searched google about scam but i found only this:

1) It seems he received his withdrawals in the end
2) He is pro player or connected with pro players (didnt read the whole story, sorry if i'm wrong). It was ok too because i'm not a pro player:) i like playing games but i play other games. these games i like to watch. whats the point of playing SC2 if koreans are better no matter what you do:D i tried to play LoL, i liked it but i'm too lazy to continue.

So there was no confirmed scam stories about Datbet so i registered there 04.01.2014

When i tried to do deposit the money has gone from my card but didn't come to Datbet account. It was suspicious but i contacted support and they fixed it fast. so ok, i started betting.

First time i did 20-30EUR bets and started to win. When i won few hundred (dont remember exact numbers) i decided to check how are withdrawals working.

Employee named Chris Salcedo asked me how much i want to withdraw and which method. i said i want 100EUR on Skrill. he said i can withdraw only to card (lol, why asking which method if only card is available). it took 11 days but i succesfully received the transaction. So i thought everything is ok, they are fair and withdrawals are working. When i had few hundred EUR i raised my stakes to 50-100 EUR.

During first 2 months i raised my balance to somenthing around 1500 EUR (dont remember exact numbers, unfortunately i did not make early screenshots of my account because there wasnt any problems)

I decided to withdraw most of it because i dont need so many for betting, and if i lose i deposit back. 19.02.2014 i requested 950 EUR withdrawal.
And there is when strange things started.

While waiting for withdrawal i had big lose streak so i just asked to return this money to account.

I continued betting and decided to try 300EUR withdrawal (i thought there is any problem with sending 950 EUR through VISA). I requested withdrawal 08.04.2014.
Later i got this answer:
I think this is lies. i did a lot of VISA transfers in my life and it never took more than a week. They just didn't send anything.
While waiting i asked them few more questions of withdrawal methods but i had to wait weeks for their answers and ask 2-3 times. I started suspecting them in scam.
After a month of waiting i got these answers:

So they made me a Skrill withdrawal.
But my balance was around 2000 EUR and i definitely needed to withdraw more. in good days i used 700-800 EUR for bets, i dont needed the rest there.

14.05.2014 i requested another 300 EUR via VISA and started waiting.
1.06.2014 Chris said it was rejected and we need to do bank transfer. i asked about information they need for bank transfer. 2.06.2014 i gave them all details. Chris said everything is ok. 3.06.2014 funds has gone from my account and i starder waiting again..

Screenshots of my last withdrawals in account history:

Also you can see how my balance was changing in betting process. 500 EUR bet - it was LoL all-star finals SKT T1 vs OMG, i remember it was very easy and predictable bet, odds was low and limits was 500 EUR, thats why 500:)

I asked to withdraw 950 via bank transfer so they took 650 more from my account. and they took double "manipulation": 20 + 30. I tried to make them fix this but it didn't work, even when they were saying it was fixed - it was not, still 50EUR manipulation for 950EUR withdrawal. So i said whatever, i just want to receive results of my work for 6 months!

By this time i was suspecting them in scam very much, but google still couldnt find any confirmed scam situations. I was going to make full withdrawal and close my account.

5.06.2014 i found my bet limits 50 EUR instead of 100. i asked support about this but no one answered. i asked this question few more times later but there was still no answer.

in the end of the month i asked about my withdrawal and this is the answer i got:
I was pissed off with these actions and after some angry emails they asked my various documents:)
I alredy sent them my passport in the beginning, but i gave them everything they asked and next i got this email:
I became more angry. It was clearly they are not going to pay and desperately trying to find some reasons to deny withdrawals.

But ok, i did all certifications they asked. I spent whole day on this and i had to pay for all certification services. After that i sent all these documents to them, i even sent a photo of myself holding all these documents:))

Finally i got their answer:
Transfer will be proceeded. Again. After 2 months of waiting.

I tried to ask some more questions why it wasnt sent before and Martin said he sent me an email about verification 05.06.2014. i didn't receive this mail. i think it was lies about sending it, but i said ok and agreed to wait one more month.

When time has come i tried to contact support and this is what i got. Look at answers and dates:

He was just killing time. When he had nothing more to say for their excuse i got this email:
This is what i got in the end for wasting 8 months. I wrote couple of emails to them after that but they arent answering any more. Fucking gay scammers.

1) Fist of all: look at date of this email and at time period listed here. 6 months ago, lol! if there was really some suspicious actions they would block accounts immediately, not after 6 months.
 Unfortunately i dont have older screenshots of my account and i'm blocked now and i cannot check bets for this period.

2) They say about influencing the odds. How can i influence the odds with one bet up to 100 EUR?

3) I doubt they mean multiaccount. and i dont understand why anyone would do it in e-sports betting.

4) i checked their rules about fraud and none of these can be applied to me.
How can you be laundering money when they are not sending withdrawals..

So i guess its just an excuse to scam me. And some other people as said in this email. I suppose they were big winners too. By this date i had 1600+ EUR on my account and 1000 on pending withdrawal.
Scammed for 2600 EUR total.

I wish i could go to their office and kill them all, but i doubt there is a really existing office in Panama. I live in southern part of Russia so it will be a long trip, so i wont go:) at least for now.


Do not waste your time on this website. Do not register there, do not even open it. If you win anything they will not pay. If you win a lot you will be blocked.
If you have any more questions about this shithole you can contact me via email you see on screenshots.
If some other blocked people are reading this - please contact me.
I will do all i can to close down the scammers, so i would appreciate any help with this. Save this report, share, repost it. Tell all your friends about this site. Scam must be stopped.
With esportsventure dead and datbet scammers i see only one place where you can put some bets on e-sports, its PinnacleSports.com.
I don't know about Egamingbets, but i even don't want to check it now.

update 26.08.2014:

look at report from comments below: http://shacur.ru/datbet/datbet.html
Datbet does not have license!!
I wrote to Curacao Egaming too, 3 times, but they did not answer me. But this guy got an answer and it is an another proof of their lies.

update 06.09.2014:
a lot of time passed, a link to this blog has been placed on different forums, portals, reviews. Many people have read it, but no employees from Datbet came out to answer because they have nothing to say i suppose:)
So i guess you all know what to do - don't open Datbet.net. Beware. :)